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Our mission is centered on building and fostering community, nurturing and raising consciousness, and cultivating and inspiring creativity.  We value the art of possibility and recognize the power of the collective imagination in making the world a better place for those that follow us. We assist communities and organizations to vision, plan and implement transformational change in order to strengthen, position, and sustain them, now and into the future.

Creative Strategies 360° is led by Dr. Estevan Rael-Gálvez, collaborating with associates uniquely assembled based on each community, initiative and organization. 




Complementing the experience, skill and creativity of each uniquely assembled team, Dr. Rael-Gálvez brings nearly two decades of experience as a senior executive, strategist and scholar with a range of public and private sector entities. Offering an array of services highlighted below, each unique project could include an arc that begins with visioning and planning and culminates with the implementation and installation of strategic plans, cultural plans, training programming, public speaking or exhibitions.  

Cultural Advocacy
Cultural Advocacy

Creative Strategies 360° believes that the many facets of culture, including the arts, language, history, traditions and values can play a transformational role in the health and wellbeing of vibrant communities. Advocating and communicating this belief to stakeholders and policy makers, including elected officials or governing boards, is a service we offer. (Image: Dr. Rael-Gálvez meets President Barak Obama at the launch of the American Latino Heritage Initiative, 2012)


Storytelling is a reflection of the delicacy and strength of the human condition and is fundamental to our work. We use this method to help our clients focus on what is core to narrative and representation. In our work, recovering the stories of individuals is also important to both cross-cultural understanding and civility. (Image: Culture Connects Santa Fe broadcast, in partnership with Smithsonian Institution, 2016.)

Education (Curricula & Training)
Education (Curricula & Training)

Lifelong education, centered with self-knowledge, skill and imagination is critical to a civil society. While we are well able to advance critical pedagogy, translating our knowledge and skill of building curricular and training into traditional educational institutions is also a part of our commitment. (Image: Youth performance at National Hispanic Cultural Center, 2010).

Cultural & Strategic Planning
Cultural & Strategic Planning

We invite clients to dream and imagine, and to articulate a practical vision for the future, growth, change and success. These efforts result in plans and roadmaps that move organizations and communities forward. (Image: Culture Connects Santa Fe, "Women and Creativity" conversation, 2016).

Executive Management
Executive Management

With decades of experience successfully leading cultural and educational institutions at national non-profit organizations, we are available to guide organizations during transitions. Our services include serving in interim capacities, as well leading collaboration and consideration of opportunities around governance, finance and operations. (Image: Executive Director Dr. Estevan Rael-Gálvez at National Hispanic Cultural Center, 2010).

Exhibit Design & Installation
Exhibit Design & Installation

We are passionate about design, which reflects the convergence of imagination, storytelling and creativity. Our practice offers consultation, design, and installation services for relevant, accessible and fully-sensory exhibitions at museums, historic sites and visitor centers. (Image: Opening reception of "Girls Writing the World," Savannah, GA, 2015).

Public Engagement & Facilitation
Public Engagement & Facilitation

We believe that recognizing individual experience and perspective is critical to strengthening communities. Toward this end, we work to ensure that projects or initiatives encompass broad public engagement. For our clients, we use our facilitation skills to promote dialogue and advance respectful exchange. (Image: Facilitating dialogue at launch of Culture Connects, 2016)

Research & Writing
Research & Writing

Our commitment to research comes from the simple fact that we are curious and driven to understand culture, people and ideas. Our work involves pulling back the layers using both historical and ethnographic approaches. This is often the foundation for the writing that we do for exhibition openings, essays or articles. (Image: Dr. Rael-Gálvez, reviewing documents in New Mexico State Archives, 2009).

Public Speaking
Public Speaking

Lending our voice to issues involving culture, including art and the humanities, can assist in furthering the goals and objectives of our clients. Public commentary on relevant subjects, delivered by nationally respected speakers, is a service we offer to clients desiring external voices (Image: Commencement Speaker, University of New Mexico, 2014).





Dr. Estevan was invited to curate this exhibition at IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Native American and Indo-Hispano artists collaborated to create new art work that centers on truth, racial healing and transformation, grounded in the promise of reconciliation. It responds to decades of activism and negotiations that culminated in the 2018 decision to discontinue “La Entrada,” a 20th century pageant inaccurately portraying the reconquest of Santa Fé.  https://iaia.edu/event/reconciliation/



National Trust for Historic Preservation


Senior Vice President

As a key member of the Executive Management team, oversaw the portfolio of 27 National Trust historic sites and museums with responsibility for leading their strategic direction toward financial sustainability, structural integrity and programmatic quality. 

 Since 2014, Dr. Rael-Gálvez has served as an independent consultant focused on visioning and strategic planning for non-profits and governmental agencies, as well as developing and realizing innovative and transformative frameworks, practices and initiatives.

Creative Strategies 360°


National Hispanic Cultural Center

Executive Director
Provided executive leadership and oversight of a 51-acre campus, including an Art Museum, Library-Archive, Education Department and Performing Arts Center with a 691- seat state-of-the-art proscenium theater, a 97-seat auditorium, and a 291-seat film theater.


MA & PhD

Training grounded in Cultural Anthropology, History and Literature; Dissertation: “Identifying Captivity and Capturing Identity: Narratives of American Indian Slavery in New Mexico and Colorado 1776-1934,” focused on the meanings of American Indian Slavery and its unique legacy and identity in New Mexico and Colorado.

University of Michigan



Post secondary education was largely forged at the  University of California, Berkeley, earning a B.A. in English and Ethnic Studies. Education was also complemented by working in labor advocacy in the San Francisco’s Mission District at Instituto Laboral de la Raza.   

University of California, Berkeley


State Historian of New Mexico

Served as the leading advocate for history and culture in New Mexico, fostering and facilitating an understanding and appreciation of New Mexico history and culture through education, research, preservation and community outreach.  

Office of the State Historian


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